Scottish Powerlifting 2015 AGM

We would like to remind all members that our AGM will be held on Sunday 6th December 2015, starting at 1pm.  The venue address is G31 Centre, 67 Yate Street, Glasgow, G31 4AQ.

The AGM will be held in line with the Scottish Powerlifting Constitution and the agenda is published below.  Also published is the proposed amended constitution and the list of those members who have been nominated for the Scottish Powerlifting Committee.

As with every other year this is the time to have your voice heard, please make an effort to come along and make your vote count to ensure we continue to improve and develop our sport.

If you have any questions regarding the AGM please speak to any committee member or you can email us at

2015 AGM Agenda

2014 AGM Minutes

Proposed Constitution for AGM 2015

2015 AGM Committee Nominations

AGM – 6th December 2015

We would like to remind all members that our AGM will be held on 6th December 2015 at the G31 Centre, 67 Yate Street, Glasgow, G31 4AE.  The AGM will commence at 1pm.

The AGM will be held in accordance with the current Scottish Powerlifting Constitution, details of the current committee roles can be found on page 5 of the constitution with a standard Agenda for the AGM shown on page 6.

All nominations for committee posts should be made to our Secretary James Mutrie via email at or by post to our Chairman William Murray at 138 Stamford Street, Glasgow, G31 4AU.  Nominations can be completed on the AGM Nomination Form.

The deadline for nominations will be Sunday 22nd November at 1pm.

We would also like to remind members that any agenda items should be submitted no later than the deadline of 22nd November 2015 at 1pm using the details above.

When all agenda items have been recieved we will then be in a position to publish a finalised agenda for the AGM.

At present we are aware that there will be an amended constitution presented for approval by our Chairman, William Murray.  This will be presented prior to committee elections as the amended constitution includes an altered committee structure.  The altered structure can be found in the Proposed Constitution for AGM 2015.  Should the amended constitution be passed only nominations for the new committee structure will be put to the membership.

The AGM is expected to last roughly 2 hours and is an opportunity for members to speak with the committee with regard to any issues they have experienced throuhgout the year.

GBPF Four Nations Powerlifting Championships 2015

Scottish Powerlifting Team Report by Marlene Mathieson

The full results of the competition are available on the GBPF website.

Thanks to Bernie McGurk for organising tracksuits for the Scottish Powerlifting Team.

Most of the Team arrived on the Friday, that gave Gary Porter a chance to speak to each lifter individually and, later in the evening, Gary spoke to them as a group. The following day, Saturday 24th October, the competition commenced. It became obvious that a real team spirit had already been generated, between the lifters and the coaches, which was a treat to observe.

The coaches were Gary Porter, Stuart Crichton, Louise Murray and William Rodgers. Gary crunched the numbers and put in the attempts. Louise supported the female lifters, some of whom were a bit nervous, and helped in the warm up. Stuart and William spent most of their time in the warm up. When Stuart was asked to comment about how the warm up was going he said “what happens in the warm up, stays in the warm up”. However, whatever was going on, it was obvious that it was working as when the lifters came onto the platform they were lifting their socks off. Every lifter had a total and there was a great sense of camaraderie.

The female classic team was second in the results and consisted of Hannah Beaven, Marcelle Brown and Karen Sutherland. This was only Hannah’s third powerlifting competition and yet she broke the GB deadlift record with 130kg at a bodyweight of 44.8kg. Marcelle lifted steadily, finishing with a total of 320kg at a bodyweight of 67kg. As did Karen, with a total of 402.5kg in the 84+ class.

The male classic team was first in the results and consisted of Chris Wong, Daniel Macura and Brian Currie. Chris lost his grip on his second deadlift, but held on tight to his third which was 280kg, giving him a total of 650kg, a Wilks of 462 and the Best Classic Male Lifter Trophy. Daniel had 9 out of 9, his final deadlift of 252.5 was pulled through sheer determination and gave him a total of 622.5kg. Brian finished with a 645kg total.

The Scottish classic team was second overall with 2325 points, only 120 behind England.

The female equipped team was third in the results and consisted of Ruth Pottinger, Apple Doepner and Michelle Brand. Ruth was actually lifting unequipped and finished with a total of 327.5kg. Apple lifted equipped for the first time ever, but says it won’t be her last. Her third bench was red lighted, as her bottom was clean off the bench, which, being Apple, was greeted with much laughter from her and us. She had a total of 410kg and a Wilks of 407. Michelle hurt her shoulder on her second deadlift, so did not take her third, but totalled 417.5kg.

The male equipped team was first in the results and consisted of John Maxwell, Bernie McGurk and Robert Love. John lifted 9 out of 9, a 560kg total and loved every minute. Still going strong 33 years after his first competition. Bernie finished with a 655kg total and a 476 Wilks. Robert gave a sterling performance, but decided, after Gary put his second deadlift up by 30kg, that he would not take his third. He finished with a 780kg total and a 489 Wilks.

The Scottish equipped team was second overall with 2529 points, only 67 behind England.

The Scottish Powerlifting Team finished second, only 188 points difference from first place.

Good solid team work, no prima donnas, everyone listened to the coaches, had a great time and it was an absolute pleasure to watch

Scottish Bench Press and Push-Pull Championships – 11 October 2015

Report by Rowan Hendry-Horne, Scottish Powerlifting Media Officer

Sunday, 11 October saw lifters from all over Scotland descending on the 2015 Scottish Powerlifting Bench Press and Push-Pull Championships at The Ardler Centre in Dundee.

Despite a lot of new lifters, there was a real feeling of community once again at the competition. Speaking to people around the room, there was a lot of comments about how friendly Scottish Powerlifting competitions are. Cake was being handed around, sweets shared and new friendships forged between lifters from as far apart as Hawick and Stornoway.

The day opened with the ladies’ bench press. With some cracking performances, it came down to less than a single Wilks point as we entered the final attempts between Lee Hellstrom from Aberdeen in the 72kg class and Katie Cooke in the 52kg class, fresh from an IPC Paralympic Powerlifting competition just a week before.

Moving into the men’s bench press, I was delighted to see William Borthwick returning to the platform in the M4 class. Not only did Mr Borthwick again delight the crowd with his presence, as I suspect many of us aspire to still being able to compete into our 70s, but he proceeded to break the only record of the day with a 85kg third attempt on the bench.

In the end, it was down to a single Wilks point again with the men, with a hair’s breadth between Paul MacDonald of Stornoway and Aberdeen University’s Dav Singh Kalsi. The latter emerged victorious with a 160kg final attempt.

Moving onto the deadlifts, there should be two special mentions who did not take overall titles: Anneli Ritari-Stewart returned to the platform just nine weeks after giving birth with the gorgeous Maximus in tow (and husband Greg lifting in the 83kg class), yet still pulled an impressive 115kg deadlift, and in the over 84kg class Connie McCallen stepped up to pull the heaviest deadlift of the ladies despite having broken her leg three months ago, which caused her to have to pull out of the British Classic Championships.

There was no questioning, however, that it was Lee Hellstrom who took the overall title of ladies’ Push Pull Champion with a stonking 152.5kg pull and 230kg total.

I’d like to make a special mention of UK Special Olympics champion Scott Bruce in the men’s 74kg class, with 12 gold medals at World Games, it was a real pleasure to see him on the platform in a Scottish Powerlifting championships with a smile that made everyone’s day.

Neither was there any debating of the overall winner of the men’s Push Pull Championship, as Bernie McGurk returned to classic lifting in style to finish with a 367.5kg total in the 74kg class.

The committee, as always, are hugely grateful to all those who volunteered to help with spotting, loading and helping on the table. Competitions just can’t happen without volunteers. The only thing that is still needed is for everyone to help clear up by putting their litter into bin bags or taking it home.

2015 AGM Notice


6th December 2015 at 1pm at the G31 Centre, 67 Yate Street, Glasgow, G31 4AE.

All Members all welcome to attend and should bring along their 2015 membership card as proof of membership.

Notices of motion must be submitted in line with Section 9 of the constitution.  Nominations for committee should be sent to or passed direclty to SP Secretary James Mutrie.


Due to circumstances outwith our control we will unfortunately have to make changes for the following events:

  • Push/Pull & Bench Press Event scheduled for Sunday 11th October at Pitreavie Athletics Centre.  This event will now take place at the Ardler Complex on the same date.
  • Scottish Masters scheduled for Saturday 14th November at Pitreavie Athletics Centre.  This event will now take place on Sunday 15th November, also at the Ardler Complex. Please note that guest lifters will still be accommodated at this event.

This is a very unfortunate change and comes as a result of Fife Sports and Leisure Trust changing the terms and conditions of the let we had agreed upon.

We are sure that both events will still be a great spectacle.

The full address of the new venue is:

The Ardler Complex, Turnberry Avenue, Dundee, DD2 3TP.

If you have any queries please contact David Hammond on

Scottish Masters – Saturday 14th November 2015

The Scottish Masters will take place on the 14th November 2015 at the Pitreavie Athletics Centre, Queensferry Road, Dunfermline, KY11 8PP and the entry forms for this competition will be available this coming weekend.

Due to the anticipated demand we have taken a decision to open this event up to guest lifters from Saturday the 3rd October, this gives Master lifters 2 weeks to enter prior to guests being permitted to enter.

When applying for the Masters it is very important that you reference your payment in the correct manner, this will allow our treasurer to allocate payment against your entry. The format you should use is M (Masters) + GB membership number, for example, ‘M GB123456’. If your banks limit on the number of characters in a payment reference is to short GB may be omitted from the beginning of the membership number

If you put the wrong reference on your payment it may result in you missing out on your spot if we cannot match payment to your entry.

Guest lifters will not be accepted before the 3rd October, any guest entry before that date will be discarded.

Entries will be capped at 50.

If you have any questions please contact one of the committee or David Hammond on