Commonwealth Championships Selection

After discussing selection criteria for a Scottish Team attending the Commonwealth Championships in Canada this year we have decided team selection will be chosen from those lifters who have achieved a minimum qualifying total. This total will be the equivalent qualifying total for GB British Championships.

If you have met this standard and would be interested in being part of the team please send your note of interest to telling us what weight class you lift in, your qualifying total and which competition you achieved that total.

Please note that this competition will be wholly self funded.

Any questions please contact

Scottish Senior Championships – Qualifying list


Name Wt. Class Total Comp Gender     Qualified
Hannah Beaven 47 250 Alba F Both
Katie Cunningham 47 227.5 Alba F Both
Louise Murray 52 352.5 2015 European Classic F Both
Annabell Gillan 52 237.5 2015 European Classic F Both
Elizabeth Hill 52 235 Caledonia Open F Both
Molly Gray 57 295 Alba F Both
Alice Hogg 57 292.5 Scottish University/College Championships F Both
Aneeli Ritari Stewart 57 247.5 2014 Scottish Masters F Both
Katie Gambier-Ross 57 237.5 Southern Open F Both
Ida Petersson 57 212.5 Scottish University/College Championships F Raw
Rowan Hendry Horne 63 315 Caledonia Open F Both
Eve Fordyce 63 292.5 Scottish University/College Championships F Both
Lynda Banks 63 272.5 2014 Scottish Masters F Both
Katherine Keddie 63 265 Scottish University/College Championships F Both
Alison Horne 63 257.5 Alba F Raw
Nina Lepaus 63 245 Scottish University/College Championships F Raw
Ylva Von Wright 63 227.5 Scottish University/College Championships F Raw
Jennifer Newton 63 225 Southern Open F Raw
Marcelle Brown 72 337.5 Southern Open F Both
Ruth Pottinger 72 337.5 Caledonia Open F Both
Martha Gates 72 335 Alba F Both
Lee Hellstrom 72 330 Caledonia Open F Both
Sophie Barringer 72 287.5 Caledonia Open F Both
Maggie Richmond 72 285 Scottish University/College Championships F Both
Angela Ferrier 72 282.5 Caledonia Open F Raw
joanna pickworth 72 265 Alba F Raw
Jolene Roberts 72 265 Southern Open F Raw
Julia McGovern 72 260 Scottish University/College Championships F Raw
Yandra Banks Brown 72 245 Alba F Raw
Michelle Brand 84 437.5 GBPF 4 Nations 2014 F Equipped
Michaela Brodie 84 370 Caledonia Open F Both
Apple Doepner 84 350 Southern Open F Both
Gill McNicoll 84 330 Southern Open F Both
Karen Sutherland 84+ 408.5 Caledonia Open F Both
Joanna Jack 84+ 335 Caledonia Open F Both
Connie McAllen 84+ 307.5 Caledonia Open F Raw
Elizabeth Brown 84+ 300 Caledonia Open F Raw
Karyn Mcintosh 84+ 292.5 Glasgow Open f Raw
Katie Cooke IPC Scottish University/College Championships Raw
John Maxwell 66 575 2014 Scottish Masters M Equipped
Michael Ferguson 66 520.5 Alba M Both
Stuart Duncan 66 500 Caledonia Open M Raw
Bernie McGurk 74 637.5 2015 British Seniors M Equipped
William Murray* 74 532.5 Southern Open M Both
Bob Parfitt 74 517.5 Alba M Raw
Mathew Laird 74 490 Alba M Raw
Stuart Fraser 74 512.5 Caledonia Open M Raw
Sam Neilson 74 510 Southern Open M Raw
Kevin Wooldrage 74 492.5 2015 British Classic M Raw
Daniel Balseanu 74 485 Scottish University/College Championships M Raw
Lewis Kane 74 485 Caledonia Open M Raw
Omar Khan 74 480 Southern Open M Raw
Stefan Lichovski 74 480 Caledonia Open M Raw
That Thammathatare 74 480 Scottish University/College Championships M Raw
Wayne Reid 74 480 Caledonia Open M Raw
Eddie Chan 74 475 Caledonia Open M Raw
Gary Doogan 74 475 Caledonia Open M Raw
Daniel Macura 83 665 Caledonia Open M Both
Chris Wong 83 625 Glasgow Open M Both
Sameen Tak 83 600 Scottish University/College Championships M Both
Davinder Kalsi 83 552.5 Scottish University/College Championships M Raw
Jamie Dugdale 83 542.5 Glasgow Open M Raw
Jamie Dyer 83 532.5 Caledonia Open M Raw
Clive Marambwa 83 512.5 Alba M Raw
Robert Love** 93 797.5 2014 Scottish Seniors M Both
Stewart Ogg 93 705 Caledonia Open M Both
Darren Chapman 93 635 2014 Scottish Masters M Both
Callum Keenan 93 617.5 Caledonia Open M Raw
Robert Masson 93 612.5 Caledonia Open M Raw
Ivelin Kozarev 93 610 Scottish University/College Championships M Raw
Jonathan Wardell 93 585 Scottish University/College Championships M Raw
Sebastian Jedicke 93 581 Alba M Raw
Michael Fernie 93 575 Caledonia Open M Raw
Steven Cumming 93 570 Caledonia Open M Raw
Shaun Connor 93 567.5 Scottish University/College Championships M Raw
John Paton 93 545 Glasgow Open M Raw
paul buchan 93 545 Alba M Raw
Ed Fraser 93 545 Caledonia Open M Raw
Steve Cumming 93 747.5 World Masters Raw
Stuart Crichton 105 785 2014 Scottish Seniors M Equipped
Brian Currie 105 708 Southern Open M Both
Mark McQueen 105 687.5 Caledonia Open M Both
Stephen O’Donnell 105 632.5 Glasgow Open M Raw
Brett Resonbaum 105 627.5 Scottish University/College Championships M Raw
Callum Crozier 105 620 Scottish University/College Championships M Raw
Arthur Cowley 105 595 Southern Open M Raw
roy ritchie 105 582.5 Alba M Raw
Patrick Everingham 105 582.5 Scottish University/College Championships M Raw
James McIlroy 105 580 Scottish University/College Championships M Raw
David Edes 105 575 Alba M Raw
Jason Arnold 105 575 Southern Open M Raw
William Rogers 120 710 Southern Open M Both
Neil Hamilton 120 670 2014 Scottish Seniors M Raw


Notice from the Committee

Further to yesterday’s announcement it is with great pleasure we now confirm Marlene Mathieson will rejoin the Scottish Powerlifting committee as Treasurer.

We are sure the whole membership joins us in welcoming Marlene back to the committee.

Notice from the Committee

After a very constructive committee meeting last night we are pleased to announce that David Hammond is back on the committee of Scottish Powerlifting in the role of Competition Secretary.

David is a very popular member with the committee and members alike and it is great to have him back in an official capacity.


Changes to Alba Open – Forge Gym, Unit 1 & 2, Carsegate Road, North Inverness, IV3 8DU

Please find attached details for the Alba Open this Saturday, 27th June 2015.  The running order and flights have changed as a result of changes to weight classes so please check the schedule below.

Alba Open Entry List & Running Order

There will be no more weight class changes now, should any lifter fail to make weight we will allow them to lift on the day in the weight class they entered.  However, the total achieved by any lifter who fails to make weight will not be accepted as a qualifying total in any weight class.

If you have any questions before Saturday please contact us on or via facebook.

Scottish Open 2015

Today’s Scottish Open was a great success at Glasgow Strength Gym, had a mix of lifters being 1st timers and some of the most experienced lifters within Scottish Powerlifting at the minute.

We would like to thank everyone who volunteered to help on the day from loading/spotting, refereeing and working the table.  There was also those who helped clear up at the end and do odd jobs throughout the day, it is that effort that makes competitions run as smoothly as today.

We would like to wish Michelle Brand a special thank you, she took the lead on this event and including today must have spent a minimum of 20 hours between collecting the lifting kit and clearing up the gym today.  It was a superb effort and she deserves all the praise going for today.

Our best lifters on the day were Karyn McIntosh and Stephen O’Donnell, well done both of you.  Watch out for full results being published this week.

Scottish Open 2015

Please be aware there is a men’s 10k race on in Glasgow on Sunday 21st June, we advise that you check your route and avoid any road closures.

The race route can be found at

2015 Scottish Seniors

The Scottish Seniors will be held in the Ardler Complex, Dundee, on the weekend of 22/23rd August 2015.

It is our intention to have the equipped male and unequipped females lift on Saturday 22nd August and the unequipped men lift with the equipped ladies on Sunday 23rd August.

This is our top event of the year and only those who have met the qualifying total will be eligible to lift, if you are missing from the list below please contact with the competition you qualified.

Scottish Seniors Qualifier List

Please note that if your total exceeds the qualifying total of the weight class above you may lift in a heavier weight class, however, you can only drop down to a lighter weight class if you have competed at that weight class and met the required standard.

The running order of the competition is subject to change and will be dependent on the number of lifters in each class/category.

We hope to have the entry forms up early next week.

As always, if you have any queries please contact or speak to one of the committee.

Scottish Open – 21st June 2015

Please find attached the entry list for the Scottish Open this Sunday 21st June 2015 to be held at Glasgow Strength, Block 2 Unit 5, Nuneaton Industrial Estate, G40 3JU.

Scottish Open Entry List

Weigh in will be 9am until 10.30am, lifting starting at 11am.  Female lifters will weigh in first, followed by male lifters.

Running order will be as follows:

Squat  Flight A  F84kg, F84+kg, M66kg, M74kg & M83kg classes

Squat Flight B  M93kg and M105kg classes

Bench Flight A F84kg, F84+kg, M66kg, M74kg & M83kg classes

Bench Flight B M93kg and M105kg class

Deadlift Flight A F84kg, F84+kg, M66kg, M74kg & M83kg classes

Deadlift Flight B M93kg and M105kg class

Flight A has 9 lifters and Flight B 9 lifters, Flight A also has a bench only competitor.

If you wish to change weight class you should do so 48 hours before the competition by contacting, the above flights are subject to change in weight classes prior to the competition.

We are aware there are some new lifters, if you have any questions on the day please feel free to ask.

Remember to check the IPF technical rules to ensure your kit is fully compliant, again, any queries please ask.