Scottish University and College Championships 2019

Date: 13/04/2019-14/04/2019
Venue: Elysium, Edinburgh (map)

Entries close 31/03/2019 at 12pm

Note: Entries will be open for 8 weeks as usual, however, to ensure every University/College has a fair chance of entering, each University/College will be capped at 20 entries for the first 4 weeks. Any entries exceeding this amount in the time frame will not be processed.

If there is space, on 16th March (4 weeks before competition) entries will uncap and will be allocated by the usual first come first served basis.

The goal of this competition has always been to provide Scottish Unis and Colleges an opportunity to qualify for the World University Championships, without having to commit large amounts of time or resources to compete at British University Championships.

We are aiming to give every University/College a fair chance to enter a team. If you are looking to bring more than 20 people (which is the most you’ll need to qualify 2 teams for Words), extra team members will be able to fill out entries from 16th March.

The normal minimum of 3 people teams still applies to the Scottish University and College Championships.

If you have any questions please email Will at

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