2016 Anti-Doping Summary

Drug testing is always a high priority both for the Scottish Powerlifting committee and for the membership. Therefore, Scottish Powerlifting is pleased to announce that during the year 2016 Scottish Powerlifting conducted 14 in-competition drug tests at Scottish Powerlifting events in line with Scottish Powerlifting’s Anti-Doping Policy. Further tests were carried out at events which Scottish Powerlifting members took part in at British and international level.

  • Scottish Classic Championships – 4 Tests – All Negative
  • Scottish Juniors Championships – 6 Tests – 5 Negative, 1 Positive
    • Positive Drug Test – Alistair Anderson – Presence of norandrosterone.
      A four year suspension imposed, effective from 18th October 2016.
  • Fife Open – 4 Tests – 3 Negative, 1 Positive
    • Positive Drug Test – Drummond McCulloch – Presence of higenamine and DMBA.
      A one year suspension imposed, effective from 24th November 2016

A list of tests of Scottish Powerlifting members undertaken since 2013 in the UK by Scottish Powerlifting and British Powerlifting is available here.

Scottish Powerlifting’s new Chairman, David Hammond, commented on the year’s activities:

Scottish Powerlifting has been undertaking drug testing using the current protocol for nearly four years in an effort to provide clean and honest competition for Scottish Powerlifting Members. The cost of this testing is approx. £400 per test, and it is you, the membership, who fund this process through your membership fees. No external funding is available for testing from British Powerlifting or the IPF.

Despite this cost, Scottish Powerlifting believe it is monies well spent, if we are to play a part in eradicating the use of performance enhancing drugs to cheat other Scottish Powerlifting members in our sport. Scottish Powerlifting will continue to undertake drug testing throughout its competition calendar.

Members are reminded that it is the responsibility of each individual member to ensure that whatever they eat, drink or take complies with the well-publicised UKAD / WADA guidelines. Ignorance of the fact is not an excuse.

To follow up on David’s comments, members are reminded that the new 2017 WADA prohibited list is now live and will be in use from 1st January 2017. It’s always worth checking “The List” before taking medication (particularly over-the-counter medications) and, whilst supplements are not necessary, if you do take them then it is worth ensuring that they are batch tested and approved by “Informed Sport”.

If you require advice on the UKAD/WADA guidelines, contact Scottish Powerlifting’s Anti-Doping Officer – Sophie Pirie Barringer or Scottish Powerlifting also has two Accredited Anti-Doping Advisors Joanna Jack and William Murray, who are available for advice.

For all queries/questions, please direct them via our contact form.