Competition Reports

Perth Open, 17th April 2016 – Competition Report

What an amazing day of lifting over in Perth, for Scottish Powerlifting’s 5th competition of the year!!  This comp had it all, from an unprecedented number of new unequipped lifters to incredibly experienced gentleman putting on the kit.  First up, in the morning session were the ladies, joined by our 66kg and 74kg gentlemen, Jamie Miller and Mark Hourston, both lifting with SP for the first time.  Our ladies put in an incredible performance with Hannah Beaven from Orkney, at only 44.7kg took best female lifter with an astounding 107.5kg squat, 52.5kg bench and 132.5kg deadlift, giving her a 292.5 total, and a Wilks* of 407kg, as well as 3 Scottish Open records for her squat, deadlift and total.

Glasgow Powerlifting Club’s Michelle Brand, competing unequipped for the first time in nearly 4 years,  jumped off the platform (on numerous occasions!!) while taking all Scottish Masters 1 Records in the 84kg+ class 130/77.5/140 – 347.5kg.  First timer Wendy Macfarlane, from Raw Anatomy, also took home 2 Scottish Open Records for her Squat and Total 150/72.5/160 – 382.5kg, and Sub-Junior Alice Francis-Freeman went home with 3 Scottish SJ Records and an unofficial British Sub-Junior Record** for her squat with an impressive 125/62.5/135 – 322.5kg.

Mark Hourston, from Kilmarnock, put in 180/132.5/250 – 562.5kg total @ 73.4kg body weight giving him the highest Wilks score and Best Unequipped Male Lifter trophy.  Not bad at all for your first SP competition!!!  All 21 of our gentlemen that took part in all 3 lifts earned a total, and our “Bench Only” gentlemen also took home some records.  Lee Christie got a Scottish Masters 1 record with his 150kg Bench, and Michael Dickson took home a new Scottish Open Record with his Bench of 200kg!!

There were huge amounts of kilos getting shifted in the afternoon session, when our remaining gentlemen and equipped lifters took to the platform.   Robert Love,  Jim Mutrie and Brian Baker had the joy of getting into Squat and Deadlifts suits, Bench shirts and using knee wraps.  Robert took the title of Best Equipped Lifter with a 307.5/195/275 – 775kg total, just missing out on that magical 300kg deadlift.  Next time Robert!!!

All of our gents had an amazing session, with quite a few gaining a qualifying total for the Classic Championship in June, and British competition later on in the year.

I was rather lucky at this competition as I had the best seat in the house, making my debut as a divisional referee, and spending the morning in the centre seat.   Being that close to the action, was just awesome!!  Can’t wait for the next one!!!

As usual a huge thanks goes out from the Committee to everyone that made this competition a success, all our volunteers, whether you were looking after our merchandise, working the table, loading the bar, or just general helpfulness – thank you.


* Wilks is the formula used to work out the best pound for pound lifter

**British records must be set at National Level or above.