2016 Scottish Powerlifting AGM Office Bearers Voting

Postal/Email voting is now open for office bearers at the 2016 AGM.

All nominations received are listed below, where more than one person has been nominated for a post a vote of the membership will be required. Per the nominations received this applies to both the post of General Secretary and Competition Secretary.

All votes must be sent to the General Secretary, James Mutrie, 115 Farne Drive, Glasgow, G44 5DH or via email at  Any postal/electronic vote that does not clearly state your member number, what post you are voting for and who you are voting for will be invalid.  Please note the following:

  • Votes will only be accepted from members sent from their registered email addresses at the point of joining Scottish Powerlifting
  • Any postal votes should be signed off by the member voting
  • Members are only permitted one vote per post, where more than 1 vote is submitted for the same position by any one person all their votes will become invalid, so if Mr Smith votes for Nominated Person A for General Secretary and then also votes for Nominated Person B for General Secretary then both votes will be discounted
  • No late votes will be accepted under any circumstances
  • All postal and email votes must be received by the General Secretary no later than 12pm the day prior to the AGM, Saturday December 10th 2016
  • Postal and email votes will be counted by the General Secretary and verified by the Chairperson and Director for Scotland
  • Postal and email votes will be published, by name and membership number, as an appendix to the minutes
  • Voting is subject to the constitution and Scottish Powerlifting accept no responsibility for any votes that are not received, the constitution can be found at
  • Should you have any questions regarding voting please contact the General Secretary, James Mutrie using the details above.
  • Voting will be concluded at the AGM with each member present having the opportunity to vote in person, however, members cannot vote by post/email and at the AGM
  • Any position with no nomination will be open to nominations from the floor at the AGM, this includes Treasurer, Web-Site Master, University & College Rep and Diversity Rep
  • Director for Scotland post is currently filled by Alex Mathieson and he is in post on a 3 year tenure ending in 2018
Position Nomination Nominated By Seconded By
Chairperson David Hammond Steve McQuade Gary Porter
General Secretary Joanna Jack David Hammond Connie McCallen
General Secretary Rowan Hendry Horne Tasmin Campbell Jodi Mullen
Competition Secretary John Soulsby William Brown Joanna Jack
Media Officer Joanna Jack David Hammond Sophie Barringer
Records Registrar Stuart Crichton Vivien Duncan William Rodgers
Child/Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Officer Laura Munro David Hammond Michelle Brand
Anti Doping Officer Sophie Barringer David Hammond Steve McQuade
Equipment Co-Ordinator Will Brown John Soulsby Joanna Jack
Equipment Co-Ordinator  Steve McQuade  David Hammond  Gary Porter