Divisional Referees Exam 2017

Have you ever wanted to take a wee seat for the best view in the house?

Think refereeing is all just about donning a snazzy blazer and have an easy day watching some lifting?

If that’s what you imagine then it might be time to think again, but if a bit of hard work doesn’t put you off (and you want to be even more involved in our wonderful sport) we have some fantastic news for you.

If you have been a member of Scottish Powerlifting for two years and have experience of powerlifting competitions either as a lifter, coach or member of a platform crew, and you are aged 18 years or over, then Scottish Powerlifting’s own Director and IPF Cat 1 Referee will once again be running a seminar and exam for divisional referees in April or May this year. Further details will be confirmed once interest has been expressed but here is your starter for ten!

The fee for the seminar and exam is £25 and the venue is likely to be either Aberdeen or Glenrothes.

Format of Exam

  1. All applicants should study the IPF Technical Rules for at least one month before the exam.
  2. On the day of the exam, applicants should bring along a paper copy of the IPF Technical Rules and a notebook and pen.
  3. There will be a Seminar which will consist of a question and answer session, lasting about 2 hours.
  4. Then applicants will complete the written exam without reference to their notes or the IPF Technical Rules.
  5. The exam papers will be sent to BP for marking. You need to achieve at least 90% for a pass.
  6. BP will award a Certificate, a Referee’s Card, a Badge and a Tie to the successful candidates.

For further details or to express an interest, please contact Alex at