Scottish Eastern Districts – Competition Report

Well, that was exciting!

The competitive year for Scottish Powerlifting kicked off with a bang last weekend at the Eastern Districts held at Raw Anatomy Transformation Centre in Glenrothes. Due to outstanding demand, the competition was extended to run over two busy day with a reported 500 people through the doors of Raw as lifters, volunteers, coaches and spectators.

The gentlemen took centre stage on the Saturday. There were some outstanding performances across the board with first-time competitor in the 120+ category Kierran Leith making a real splash. Taking both an open squat record and Best Lifter, it’s exciting to see where he goes next.

Crowd favourite, and currently Scottish Powerlifting’s oldest competitive member, William Borthwick returned to the platform to great cheers. Whilst he came close to bombing out on squat, his final (successful) squat drew some of the loudest applause of the day.

On the other end of the age spectrum, 15 year old Benjamin Hemmati had a successful first competition with a successful 9/9 lifts (and coming very close to taking the sub-junior 66kg bench record).

Dean Robertson made bit of a splash in the 83kg class. Weighing in at a very light 79.2kg, he took first place in the 83s by just 2.5kg but was second overall on Wilks.

However, hot on Dean’s heels was Calum Annand in the 93s, walking away with a win in the his class and 413 Wilks in his very first competition, which is definitely a way to catch attention!

With a lot of lifters, it became a very long day with weigh-in starting at 8:30 and lifting finishing after 7pm.

Sunday’s “Ladies Day” kicked off a little later and was able to run as two big groups.

Wendy McFarlane had a spectacular day on home turf, once again breaking Scottish records with a 165kg squat and 175kg deadlift in the 84kg class and taking a well-deserved Best Lifter trophy.

Another Raw Anatomy lifter, Jamie-Lee Bowles made quite a name for herself in the 57kg sub-junior class and snatched a Scottish squat record in her age class to deafening cheers.

With a lot of lifters making their first brave steps onto the platform, it can be tough to get used to the changes that competitions bring. By the third round of squats, Emily Martin was teetering on the edge of leaving the competition with two failed squats behind her but managed to pull it all back on her third attempt and made it look like an opener! It’s a terrifying moment and many couldn’t do that, so that’s quite some mental toughness she has there!

Coming back from an injury which almost caused her to pull out of the competition, Rowan Hendry-Horne (okay, me) sacrificed some kilos off her squat but, despite failing her first bench, came back strong to just miss out on Best Lifter and take first in the 63kg class.

Keep your eyes on the 84kg class this year, Claire Tocher has been getting her gainz on and took a bench record on the way to pulling into second in the 84s and third overall on Wilks.

These events can’t run without volunteers, so Scottish Powerlifting would like to say a huge and enthusiastic THANK YOU to Liz Hill, Will Brown, Viki Craig, Siona Garden, Allison Gibson, Jo Swankie, Bernie McGurk, Jake Brown, Dave McKinley, Sam Ingleton, Michael Mullen and the Raw Anatomy Squad for the hard graft that they put in (and, of course, I hope you’d all thank the Committee for volunteering their time to run these).  Finally, big cheers to Grant Hendry-Horne for all the photos on this page and about 500 more at