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Statement regarding IPF Constitution Article 14 – Participation in non-Compliant Anti-Doping Events

Following several recent queries regarding the eligibility of lifters to compete across multiple federations, we would like to clarify the IPF, and by default, the Scottish Powerlifting position on this issue.

We understand that there has been some historic ambiguity around this rule, which has led to confusion as to how it applies, and this statement is intended to give all our members a clear basis on which to make decisions on when and where they wish to compete.

What is Article 14?

The position of the IPF is set out in Article 14 of the IPF Constitution – for reference for those who are unfamiliar with the wording, this is as follows:

  • Any athlete, coach, referee or official who competes or participates in an International Powerlifting or Bench Press event not organised, sanctioned, or approved by the IPF shall not be permitted to take part in any IPF international, regional or national event for a period of 12 months from the date of that non-approved event.
  • Any athlete, coach, referee or official that participates in any competition or Event which is organized by a Sporting Body, Federation or Organisation that has not received recognition from the World Anti-Doping Agency and is thus non-compliant with the Code and International Standards shall be automatically rendered ineligible and shall not be permitted to take part in an authorized National or International Powerlifting or Bench Press Event for a period of 12 months from the date of the last non-compliant Event.

What does this mean for me as a member of Scottish Powerlifting?

In short, this means that if you choose to compete with another federation or sporting body (including, but not limited to, BDFPA, GPC, WDFPF, ABS) you are not eligible to compete in competitions at National level or above for a 12 month period. For Scottish Powerlifting, those competitions are:

  • Scottish Classic Championships
  • Scottish Junior Championships
  • Scottish University and College Championships
  • Scottish Masters Championships
  • Scottish Bench Press Championships

You are still able to compete with Scottish Powerlifting in divisional level competitions, including our districts and any open events.

How does this affect International Selection processes?

Participation in a non-sanctioned federation will remove your eligibility to be selected for Team Scotland for the Commonwealth Championships and Home Nations for a 12-month period. We will ask any athlete who is selected for Team Scotland, or submits their interest in selection, to confirm that they are compliant with Article 14 prior to any final nominations being made. We reserve the right to withdraw an international selection should it become apparent that the athlete has competed in breach of Article 14.

International Selection for Team GB is managed by British Powerlifting, and while the same rule applies, this a matter for the respective Head Coach to manage in liaison with British Powerlifting.

What about non-Powerlifting sports?

If the organising body is not recognised by the World Anti-Doping Agency, then Article 14 applies and you will not be eligible to compete at national level or above. You are still able to compete with Scottish Powerlifting in divisional level competitions, including our districts and any open events.

What about non-lifters?

Article 14 applies to all IPF members, including coaches and referees. That means that participation with another federation will restrict you from working in any official capacity for a period of 12 months at National level or above. Again, you are still permitted to participate at divisional level competitions.

How will this rule be enforced?

It is the responsibility of each member to make their own informed decisions on competing in multiple federations, and if that is your preference, it of course is your right to make that decision for yourself. Scottish Powerlifting does not have the remit to police personal choice, however we do have responsibility to uphold the rules of the Constitution.

That being the case, going forward we will ask entrants to any of the above-named championships to declare on their entry form that they have not competed in any non-sanctioned sporting event in the previous 12 months.

Should it become apparent to Scottish Powerlifting that a false declaration has been made on a national championship entry, this would potentially be escalated to the British Powerlifting Disciplinary Committee for further investigation and potential sanction.

We continue to work closely with British Powerlifting, and the IPF, to ensure that we maintain and comply with the constitution, and should there be any amendments, these will be communicated to you.

Any queries on this matter should be directed to the Scottish Powerlifting Executive Committee via email to


Claire Tocher, Chair

on behalf of the Scottish Powerlifting Executive Committee