The Scottish Universities and Colleges Powerlifting Championships 2017 – Further Information

The Championship will take place at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, Motherwell on Saturday 1st and Sunday, 2rd April 2017 from 8am.  Entry fee is £25 per person.

This Championship will run as both an Individual and Team event.

Competing universities and colleges may nominate a men’s team and a women’s team of 3 lifters in each Team.

There is no limit to the number of teams a university or college can enter.

The men’s and women’s team events will be decided by the highest combined Wilks total.  The overall team championship will be decided by the combined Wilks total of both the best of each competing university or college men’s and women’s teams.

This Championship has been designated by British Powerlifting as one of the two team selection events from which British Powerlifting will select 3 men’s teams of 8 lifters and 3 women’s teams of 7 lifters to take part in the IPF World Student Powerlifting Cup in South Africa in July 2017.

Each competing university or college in the SP Championship may elect to have the combined Wilks scores of each of their nominated team of 8 men and /or 7 women (nominated by their Team Captain) to be submitted to British Powerlifting to be considered for selection as one of the men’s or women’s teams. by Scottish Powerlifting. Team Members must be with the 17 yrs to 28 yrs range.

All entrants must hold Scottish Powerlifting Membership as well as a valid matric/student card, both cards must be shown at weigh in.

There is no age limit to entry for the Scottish Championship and part-time, Open University and mature students are welcome to enter as long as they are bona fide students with a matric/student card number

The Championship will be a CLASSIC / UNEQUIPPED competition.

Totals achieved will count as a qualifier for the Scottish Championships and GBPF competitions. Scottish records may also be broken on the day.