Volunteering Information

Scottish Powerlifting is a volunteer run organisation. As such, we wouldn’t be where we are without our members chipping in to help run things.

Competitions are especially volunteer heavy, and we need all the help possible to ensure the smoothest time for lifters.

With that in mind, please find the links to sign up for upcoming competitions below.

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Signing up to volunteer for either a half or a full day will earn you volunteer points, which can be used to discount the price of your membership or competition entries.

It will also give you priority entry for competitions, so you can sign up the day before the entries are open to everyone else. This is given if you volunteer at two different competitions within 6 months of an entry form opening.

Here is the current points table, along with a list of point costs, so you can see what discounts you can get your hands on.

Outside of competitions, we’re always keen for people to help out on the committee. If you have ideas on how things should be run, or are keen to take on some responsibility, make sure and get yourself nominated and seconded in time for the AGM.

Points can be used to buy the following items;

Half Price Competition Entry7
Half Price Membership8