Competition Reports

2016 Western District – Competition Report

At 11am, 23rd January at Ravenscraig Sports Facility in Motherwell, the Scottish Powerlifting Competition Season got off to a smashing start.  The Western Districts Competition saw 7 ladies and 15 gentlemen, from Sub-Junior to Masters 3, take to the platform to lift every last kilo that they were capable of.
Lorraine Patrick (-72), from Block 9 gym in Blantyre, took home a gold medal, and the Best Female Lifter trophy. Not bad going for your first full Powerlifting competition!!  Lorraine achieved a very impressive 102.5/72.5/137.5, and looked like there was plenty more in the tank.
Over to the gents now with some huge numbers getting shifted.  Chris Wong (-74) had a fantastic day of lifting,  taking home a gold medal,  Best Male Lifter trophy,  and 3 Scottish Open records with a very impressive 227.5/132.5/282.5. Two of our gentlemen swept the board, taking all 4 Scottish records in their class.  Master 3 lifter Shaun Clarkin with an inspiring 130/95/167.5, and Callum Crozier (-105) with a remarkable 220/180/265.
Out of our 22 lifters, 7 male and 4 female lifters qualified for the Scottish Seniors Championships, and of them 8 met the qualifying total for British Competition!!!
What never fails to amaze me,  is all the really strong youngsters coming through (under 23), and one of the highlights for me was Sub-Junior (u18) Tracey McGowan.  Tracey swept the board taking all 4 Scottish Sub-Junior records 65/37.5/110.  She showed amazing strength and will for such a young lifter in the -47kg class,  and Tracey worked for every single second of that final 110kg deadlift. After what must have felt like a lifetime for her…………… 3 whites!!!
That brings our first competition to a close, next up the Eastern Districts Competition on Sunday 7TH February.


May your weights be light, and your lights be white.


SP Media Officer
Joanna Jack